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    Hoax Party is an amalgamation of booming percussion, hard driving riffs and roaring vocals. The band's raw, in your face and unapologetic sound is delivered by Rus Martin's honest and anguished lead vocals, Space's masterful bass/ avant-garde soundscapes and Matt Horwitz's tempestuous percussion.

    The band formed from friendships that were developed on the road. "I first met Rus when our respective bands Memento and Hotwire were on Ozzfest together. After that tour our friendship continued and we stayed in touch. Then one day the three of us met up, joined forces and formed Hoax Party," says Space. Within months the trio has recorded over 20 songs and performed several regional shows in Southern California.

    Their sound live is just as fervent as the recordings. At their shows they're not asking anyone to incite a riot, they're just asking everyone to join in the "Hoax Party." #jointheparty #spreadthehoax.

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